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Stargate Atlantis Icon Contest
Welcome to lantis_icontest. An Icontest Community dedicated to Stargate Atlantis. Our current challenges are episodic challenges starting with the pilot of Stargate Altantis.

1.Icons must fit LJ standards. No bigger than 100x100 and 40 KB. GIF, JPG, and PNG format only.

2.Enter your icons and their URLs as a comment to the challenge post (all comments are screened).

2.Do not use already made icons, and do not post them elsewhere until the challenge is over and the winners are announced.

3.You may enter 5 icons per challenge unless otherwise stated.

4.You may blend caps. Use textures, brushes, etc. Just no animation unless otherwise stated.

.Banner Makers
heartofdance relative_insanesaavickdiek09

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